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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Residence Desa Lagoon Beach Resort on April 14, 2012

Hello Gorgeous

Pool View
Hall in Resort
Room View

This post is to share my vacation on Residence Desa Lagoon Beach Resort on April 14th 2012. This place memang da biasa pegi coz my mum love to see waktu senja di tepi pantai… Kitaorg pun suka ikut sebab nak g swimming..dalam sebulan dua, mesti akan g holiday kat sini.. Resort ni ade special rate for Petronas staff.. Kalo resort yang 3 bilik tu actual price dia dalam RM350.00 but staff rate only RM120.00 .. memang berbaloi sgt la utk habiskan weekend kat sini…  So, the picture attach are during my photo shoot somewhere this place. Enjoy my experience here guys!

Before sampai on lokasi

Cartoon Sketch 

Jom tido!!

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