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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World As A Careers

Hello Universe !
now i would to story bit about my practical...
firstly dulukan i've announce that i will with Malaysia Airport (sepang),
but i ask the HR to change my division..
hahaa.. i x minat la keje tengok kontrak2 nie...
pening,.. lagi pon that place kurang happening..
so now,
im practical with Malaysia Airport (niaga) ,
a.k.a Eraman...
how working here?
it was relex and happy...
ye lah, this part baru lah ade relate ngn makerting right?
for this time , i'm with advertising part. next 2 weeks change to PR..
and before end here, i will with another part...
experience kat cni ok...
the best part is mase 'photo shoot' fesyen..
my keje banyak jalan2..
i enjoy it..
kwn2 opis pon sume nye ok...
bole lah nak gelak guling2 skali...
tp ape2 pon x abis lagi practical nie,
i cant conclude at all..
i will update it later..
ok, thats for now..

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