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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Die World ! :'(

heyyy guys!
im tired live without lappy..
u know, i was 'trauma' to use the internet after my laptop was format.
its really2 horrible ...
but now, i try to mendekati komputer again..
yelah, after my BB is well, 'aku nie berlagak x on9 use laptop langsong'..
whateverlah... tp, sangat tekanan sebab all my data n document lost...
all my old pic n so on was lost too..
nothing to say da.. =,='


  1. hooolaaaaaaa...
    baru nak update eaaaa..

    woiitttt baru 8 hari posa tau..dah pasang lagu raye...

  2. tu la, nie pon sbb pakai pC opis.. besar n puas klu gune..hehehe.. tu suggestion rakan sekerja..hehehe

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