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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Stressed For Looking Place For Practical Is Over!


Finally, I get the place for it…
Did u oll remember this post? ( Always Rejection )
Haaaa….today just the company give the feedback.
Praise To Allah…
Did u olls want to know which company?
That is a half government company, TM (Telekom M’sia)
The yang tak best tu , without wages or elaun. ISH!
Totally spoiled ..but never mind, if get another place that more advantage,

I will go that.. the application that still not answer is Malaysia Airport,
Naza Group, De Palma Inn Shah Alam, and etc.
They still put my name in short list..
Sabo jelah~
I still waiting for the next.. one of my mates tell me,
“you will be an office boy la Syah!!”
Yelah, his father worked there, that’s why he know,
*Help to copy document
*Sent the latter
*Make a coffee
Memang tak nak lah! Hehehe *demand aku nie,,,haha
Pray to get in Naza Group or Malaysia Airport tw for me…
Okay, That’s all for now. I will update later.


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