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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nady's My Lovers

++ This Is Me ++
tonight terase cam nak story about my nadys plak..hehehe
siapakah dia?? haaaaa... please click here or tengok je pic dye kat bawah...

Haaaaa...nie la dye..wit her boy! 
haaaa....dia nie lah...
she's my 2nd sisters,.. sangat banyak membantu... especially in financial,,
pic nie time nak balik kulim..she sent me until KL ..ikut sampai naik train wooo!!
terharu biru lak rasenye... siap bg duit berkat lg..hahahaha...YIPPPIIII!!
she's the one understand me...walaupon kadang2 tension ngn dye..hehehe
she's married and her age just one year older from me..
seday gak when she nak kawin lah, risaw dye da x mcm dlu...
skali.... dye maseh sempoi lg..hahaha
mangkin rajin she treat me meal and so on...
ermmmm...nak cerita about her mmg banyak sangat lah..nnt akan di tambah lagi yek!! hehee wokeeyyy!!
Did You See We All In The Glass??
see ya around!!

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