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Monday, June 6, 2011

+ My Kid's +

Hyeeee Peep's !

* This He Is *
Now i would talk about my kids... His full name is Syed Irfan Syahiran Bin Syed Khairul Hizam.
haaaa...panjangkan namenye.. he's so cute...
lets me story dari beginning la about this cute boey! hehe
i know him since he was 5 years. he is one of student's in Nur Mutiara Iman.
mule2 i know his brother dlu, Syed Syahmi,6 (on 2008).

This Is Syed Syahmi, Irfan Brothers.
his brother also cute, haha...
Lastly, when in 2009, i teach Irfan class ..
the whole class is very manja with me..
ada Danial, Farah Hani, Aiman, Danish 
and ramai lagi lah.. dlm 20 lebay..
Tapi that i'm very close is with Irfan...
si danial plak, hahaha..
x habis2 mencuba menjauhkan irfan to me..
*klakar la igt zaman tueh..
after abis class je tros dok kat transit, 
dkat transit plak ramai kids plak 
rebut suh dok ngn mereka..
Irfan nie sangat manje, 
his call me daddy...
He Wrote This Then His Mum Sent To Me Via  MMS
yang pic kat atas nie, dia tulis time school holiday..
he miss me kata mamanya..
terharu gilaaaa!! then, ada lg that he wrote for me..
until now the keratan still in my wallet..
Slalu la blanje dye snacks.. if i go to travel, 
i'll buy for him something..
kalo dye g plak, sure ade gak something for me.. 
yang masih dalam collection, shirt dari cherating..
di sebabkan rapat ngn dye, 
terapat wit his parents & family skali...
in 2009 tu, ade gak dpt utk continue study, 
tp hold dlu sbb nak dok kat umah..
still dpt g kindergarten lg..hehehe
so, im go to form 6 je la, 
as a alasan sbb x nak dok jauh lg... skg da jarang jumpe dye..
but still keep in touch wit his family..
okey! daddy miss you irfan ^_^

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