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Monday, June 6, 2011

Muic Talk About L.O.V.E *

Holloo UniVerse!

This section eiz nak discuss about C.H.I.N.T.A …
Errmmm, what do you think of me?
Casanova? Player? Hahaha.. whatever-lah
And now , I would like to tell the truth…
I am not the kind of man like that,
Actually I’m just particular about it..
*I don’t like to hurt
*I don’t like to been hurt
*I don’t like to lie myself
*I don’t like to lie others
That’s all.. nak kate that I’m demand?
Heyyyy! Sape tak demand to looking his couple for a life…
Did you want to know the criteria?
Hahahaha…okay lah,
For physically ,First, her height is above 163cm (without heels),
weight are suitable with BMI and love to wear hi heels.
Second, she is good looking and gorgeous.
The third is her voice is romantic…
Her skin is not too dark, if bright skin is an advantage
Can speak fluent in English and also in Bahasa.
Hahahaha…ala2 nak ke cabin crew interview plak…
For mentally ,She’s romantic and happy go lucky.
Excellent in cooking and housekeeping
Not very sensitive and brutal. Open minded.
Ade sifat upwards standard gedik lah but not to much.
Ala2 Scha Alyahya lah senang citer…Hehehe.. that’s all..
Hahahaha *mesti dlm kpale korg ckp patot la x jumpa2..haha
TAK lah..guraw semata2 je nie…I love the simple women. 
(*but if menepati above criteria is better)Hahhaahaha
I want the girl pernah rasa susah
Bkn sbb ape, orang yg pernah rasa susah and think bout it ada matured sikit..
 Tapi memang betullah that I’m very particular about love..
The more harder you get love, the more you hard to let the love go away..
*ayat tetibe muncul..hahaha . Or easy come easy go..
If I got love, I will take care of it until my last breath..This my promise..
But until now, my heart is not available for cintan cinton nie…
Hahaha *like in drama pulak..But it’s reality in my life..
For now, my family is my priority. Others cannot change it.
Hahaha… that’s all for a first part ea, 
if you want to know more about my love feeling,
Just visit here and most welcome for a first timer…
..glad u read this…. 


  1. hahahahah Syah tipu..dye sudah suke sama seseorang tp tak nak bg tau...hahahahahah malu lah tue...weeee

  2. hahaha..syah yg x..hahaha

  3. mCna nx dpat ur gurlz klu h smpai mcm 2 sx syah oiii.....huhuhu

  4. hahaha..ema nye criteria kan da ade..hahaha..
    nasib da berpunye..huhuh


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