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Friday, June 3, 2011

から始まる 六箇月 **


Today Eiz saje je want to update, actually dont have any new gossip or hot story,
but just want to update bout myself,

#1. ArgGgggHHHhhH!! i still dont get the place for practical. totally BENGONG..
blurr2 pown ade gak nieh.,. but, apakan daya.... just need to wait je lah..

#2. last night rase cam nak jadi crazy dah... dont know what to do, if balik umah,
masa tu x sempat nak kejar ape2 pown.. penuh je schedule tueh.

#3. Yesterday i'm watching malay movie.. (*CUN)...ermmm, agak cambodoh gak la...
story about cinta...ermm, anyway, the story tell me how to be more romantic..hehehe

#4. I dont start any proposal lagi..adoyyy.. how to business nie... plan want to meet any lecturer to ask this, but lecturer pown mostly cuti.. then? haaaaa!! so many things nak kne wat nie..

#5. This June i got final exam woooo! walaupun just 2 subject, tp if not seriously in study pown bisa fail juga,.. the subject is Business and Promotion..

#6. Yesss3x... ta taw la knape this june become a best month..hahaha just wait je lah...

this is all for now..hehehe.. i have no idea to write anything here.. 


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