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Monday, June 13, 2011

Muic Malaysia Airport *

the place for practical da confirm kat Malaysia Airports ,..

fuhhh!! i will do my best, nnt after fin the course boley apply keje sini..
ermmmm... x tawu lah diri ini..hahaa, suke bab2 berkaitan nak travel..
mmg actually dpt kat KL more better, 
sbb nak run, after d pk balik..
anything ade sollution kan.. hehe
haaa... okey.. all the best for Muic !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Story About US ! ^_^

heyyy UNIVERSE!!
tetibe tonight feel hiba plak..
rindu kat Nazuha Yusliza Wan Naufal

Nie lah Nazuha..
we all slalu hang out together kat Kedah nie.. 
yang paling slalu ketaq si Nazuha nie..dah la cute!
habis merah muke dye nnt..hahaha..
yang paling kuat gelak pulak si Wan & Yusliza pulak..haaaaa..
kalo gelak, bergegar keter..hahaha

Nie Kaki Gelak plak.. Wan & Yus

Si Naufal pulak tak habis2 ngan LAPAN dye..hahaha
we olls slalu ke Penang and anywhere la in kulimm..
haaa... hobby we alls plak berkaroke!
haahahahaha... Wan nye suara like Ziana Zain wooo!!
kalo g karoke, lgu ziana zain adalah lagu wajib..
Madah Berhelah, Anggapan mu...mmg sejibik suarenye...
Kalo Nazuha pulak, hahaha... Lagu Mazlela 'tabah' menjadi kebanggaan..
sedap giler suare dye... 
sampai hatiku terpaut pada lagu tu disebabkan Nazuha nyanyi..
hahaha, dahsyat kan...yg paling best, 
Nazuha pernah nyanyikan lgu tu for me dalam call..
sweet kan!!! hehehe...
lagu fav Yusliza plak adelah lagu Ku Kunci Rindu Buatmu..
hahaha.. kemain kelaut tempo nye...haahhaha  *guraw je!
tp sdap tw you nyanyi lgu tu Yusliza...hahahaa

Nie Budak Yang Tak Abis2 ngn LAPAN dye .. Haziq

si Naufal pulak skali nyanyi mcm nak pecah Mic tu..hahaha
hahaha... suke btol dye jerit!! 
hahaha... anyway, kowg mmg best lah!
banyak membantu i...
hahaha, nie just citer part kteowg karoke,
later i cite lgi ea..hahaha..

The Stressed For Looking Place For Practical Is Over!


Finally, I get the place for it…
Did u oll remember this post? ( Always Rejection )
Haaaa….today just the company give the feedback.
Praise To Allah…
Did u olls want to know which company?
That is a half government company, TM (Telekom M’sia)
The yang tak best tu , without wages or elaun. ISH!
Totally spoiled ..but never mind, if get another place that more advantage,

I will go that.. the application that still not answer is Malaysia Airport,
Naza Group, De Palma Inn Shah Alam, and etc.
They still put my name in short list..
Sabo jelah~
I still waiting for the next.. one of my mates tell me,
“you will be an office boy la Syah!!”
Yelah, his father worked there, that’s why he know,
*Help to copy document
*Sent the latter
*Make a coffee
Memang tak nak lah! Hehehe *demand aku nie,,,haha
Pray to get in Naza Group or Malaysia Airport tw for me…
Okay, That’s all for now. I will update later.

Mask Bride


I’m just watching Indonesia horror movie..
“The Pengantin Topeng”
The girl actors in this movie is very gorgeous!
Masayu Anastasia, Lolita Putri and and Adelia Rasya.
The man actor is Hardy Hartono and Gabriel Tabalujan.
You want to know the synopsis?

Arriving at the beach, Kinar, Rosa and Billy immediately spend time until tonight. When they get ready to go home to the hotel suddenly their car broke down. The distance to the hotel quite far and there is no public transportation. Finally, there is no option for them except stay on the beach.
Perfect holiday eventually turned into something bad. The south coast with the natural beauty of the day, turned out to save the terrible mystery. Bloody terror target when they entered an old villa that has been unused and found a body in it!
They are all stuck in a tense situation when each one of them becomes the target of mysterious masked killer and bring a large grass shears!.
That’s all the synopsis.. if you want to know what the end of this story, just watch it!! it’s a good story and very suspense.. the most important is, the
actors  in this movie is very attractive. Hahaha.. *kidding!
Okay, anyone who want to watch this move, just ask me or download it by yourself.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Muic Talk About L.O.V.E *

Holloo UniVerse!

This section eiz nak discuss about C.H.I.N.T.A …
Errmmm, what do you think of me?
Casanova? Player? Hahaha.. whatever-lah
And now , I would like to tell the truth…
I am not the kind of man like that,
Actually I’m just particular about it..
*I don’t like to hurt
*I don’t like to been hurt
*I don’t like to lie myself
*I don’t like to lie others
That’s all.. nak kate that I’m demand?
Heyyyy! Sape tak demand to looking his couple for a life…
Did you want to know the criteria?
Hahahaha…okay lah,
For physically ,First, her height is above 163cm (without heels),
weight are suitable with BMI and love to wear hi heels.
Second, she is good looking and gorgeous.
The third is her voice is romantic…
Her skin is not too dark, if bright skin is an advantage
Can speak fluent in English and also in Bahasa.
Hahahaha…ala2 nak ke cabin crew interview plak…
For mentally ,She’s romantic and happy go lucky.
Excellent in cooking and housekeeping
Not very sensitive and brutal. Open minded.
Ade sifat upwards standard gedik lah but not to much.
Ala2 Scha Alyahya lah senang citer…Hehehe.. that’s all..
Hahahaha *mesti dlm kpale korg ckp patot la x jumpa2..haha
TAK lah..guraw semata2 je nie…I love the simple women. 
(*but if menepati above criteria is better)Hahhaahaha
I want the girl pernah rasa susah
Bkn sbb ape, orang yg pernah rasa susah and think bout it ada matured sikit..
 Tapi memang betullah that I’m very particular about love..
The more harder you get love, the more you hard to let the love go away..
*ayat tetibe muncul..hahaha . Or easy come easy go..
If I got love, I will take care of it until my last breath..This my promise..
But until now, my heart is not available for cintan cinton nie…
Hahaha *like in drama pulak..But it’s reality in my life..
For now, my family is my priority. Others cannot change it.
Hahaha… that’s all for a first part ea, 
if you want to know more about my love feeling,
Just visit here and most welcome for a first timer…
..glad u read this…. 

+ My Kid's +

Hyeeee Peep's !

* This He Is *
Now i would talk about my kids... His full name is Syed Irfan Syahiran Bin Syed Khairul Hizam.
haaaa...panjangkan namenye.. he's so cute...
lets me story dari beginning la about this cute boey! hehe
i know him since he was 5 years. he is one of student's in Nur Mutiara Iman.
mule2 i know his brother dlu, Syed Syahmi,6 (on 2008).

This Is Syed Syahmi, Irfan Brothers.
his brother also cute, haha...
Lastly, when in 2009, i teach Irfan class ..
the whole class is very manja with me..
ada Danial, Farah Hani, Aiman, Danish 
and ramai lagi lah.. dlm 20 lebay..
Tapi that i'm very close is with Irfan...
si danial plak, hahaha..
x habis2 mencuba menjauhkan irfan to me..
*klakar la igt zaman tueh..
after abis class je tros dok kat transit, 
dkat transit plak ramai kids plak 
rebut suh dok ngn mereka..
Irfan nie sangat manje, 
his call me daddy...
He Wrote This Then His Mum Sent To Me Via  MMS
yang pic kat atas nie, dia tulis time school holiday..
he miss me kata mamanya..
terharu gilaaaa!! then, ada lg that he wrote for me..
until now the keratan still in my wallet..
Slalu la blanje dye snacks.. if i go to travel, 
i'll buy for him something..
kalo dye g plak, sure ade gak something for me.. 
yang masih dalam collection, shirt dari cherating..
di sebabkan rapat ngn dye, 
terapat wit his parents & family skali...
in 2009 tu, ade gak dpt utk continue study, 
tp hold dlu sbb nak dok kat umah..
still dpt g kindergarten lg..hehehe
so, im go to form 6 je la, 
as a alasan sbb x nak dok jauh lg... skg da jarang jumpe dye..
but still keep in touch wit his family..
okey! daddy miss you irfan ^_^

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nady's My Lovers

++ This Is Me ++
tonight terase cam nak story about my nadys plak..hehehe
siapakah dia?? haaaaa... please click here or tengok je pic dye kat bawah...

Haaaaa...nie la dye..wit her boy! 
haaaa....dia nie lah...
she's my 2nd sisters,.. sangat banyak membantu... especially in financial,,
pic nie time nak balik kulim..she sent me until KL ..ikut sampai naik train wooo!!
terharu biru lak rasenye... siap bg duit berkat lg..hahahaha...YIPPPIIII!!
she's the one understand me...walaupon kadang2 tension ngn dye..hehehe
she's married and her age just one year older from me..
seday gak when she nak kawin lah, risaw dye da x mcm dlu...
skali.... dye maseh sempoi lg..hahaha
mangkin rajin she treat me meal and so on...
ermmmm...nak cerita about her mmg banyak sangat lah..nnt akan di tambah lagi yek!! hehee wokeeyyy!!
Did You See We All In The Glass??
see ya around!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Laksa, The Mee Mamak , The Mee Kuah

first of all, how are you guys today? inshaAllah in Allah bless everyday ..
Today story nak kisahkan i'm going to my classmates 20th birthday party...
Let me start from beginning journey k..
firstly after read the kengkwn nye blog at 4pm , i terus move to izham room... 
tengok dak2 nie..
eh!, x siap2 lagikkk... ok fine, biarkan dorg siap lu...
then after asar we all trus la merempit..
sangat malas to ride the motorcycle a.k.a encik biru tu by myself,
 jd tumpang ajelah si zarol a.k.a bro..
igtkan dapat tompang haziq je naik cars.. but he still in sungai petani..
then, awal2 naik moto, ASTARGFIRULLAHHH!! 
kecut perut bile si bro main layan2 conner!
*bru terpikir, nyesal x bwk moto sndri je... mengigil weh naik ngn bro!!
'wa bukan mat rempit!'.. hahaha
we all mencari petrol pump utk mengisik angin motor encik kudus tueh.. 
after angin tu da di isi, si encik kudus teros UP UP kan moto dye cket..
pastu dye layan koner...
SHRRREEEKKK!!!! , rupenye tongkatnye x di tutup...
nasib x melambung...
bertambah seram nak merempit!!
pastu we all sampai lah dgn jayanya...
eH! lupa nak bgtw sape perserta.. haaaaa....
pesertanye adalah 
Muic Mohd Noor , Encik Kudus a.k.a Farid TK , Zarol a.k.a Bro and
 Izham a.k.a Lied Burn
(please click to his name to check their Facebook)
kemudian sampailah kami to Liana Hazwani house...
peroy mmg confirm lapo...then......
Bermula la den menerkam sikit demi sikit... bermula from Mee Mamak...
woahh! superb kowt!!!nyumm3...
dengan di hidang air cocktail and orange...pergghhhh!!!
 mmg kutelan dengan ikhlas...hehehe
then, 2nd round i take the laksa... nyummm3x... memang yummy!!!
i dont see people around me, kutelan aja..hehehe
and the last is The Heaven Mee Kuah! hehehe..
tp da slow ckit la makan nye..
already full actually... tp nak rase nye pasal... 
Yan mothers masak mmg tasteful lah...
ade bi hunn soup lagi sebenarnye..
tp sy mengalah la d sebabkan terigt,
after tis nak merempit again...kang senak atas moto tueh..
this is not a 1st time makan d yan's house... 
but if dye ade bgtw je, confrm need to empty the perot from morning lagi...
kalo x rugi giler..hehehe..
di tambah lagi ngn cup cake, manggo fruit, orange, and etc, 
super full my perot! hehehe\
then kami pown bertolaklah....
on the way to go back hostel, ouch! rain was coming!! lucky tak lencun my cloth..
hehheehe ^_^
tats a story about just evening...
yg terase want to write in this blog adalah sbb terkejut naik moto ngn bro td...
feel LIKE A G6 taww!!
mmg bace doa je td ..
okay, thats for now...
..Nie pic time 1st SeM in Poly..

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAN ~~ Allah bless us ..
thanks for the food..hehehe

Friday, June 3, 2011

They Went To Singapore and Leave Me !

holla world! 
<3 Here get some pict that our vacation before in singapore <3

whoaaaa! want to cryingggg!!!' (*tp x macho plak t!)
all my family went to singapore today...ikutkan nak ikot, just leave the class , tapi,
memikirkan got the test on sunday nie, sy pown mengalah la...
BUT!! weeee~~ just a few days je i kat cnie tw! 
x terkata gumbira di hatii nie... berbunga2 ala2 d hindustan..
tapi tetap jelous twww!! ngn mereka.. 
mintak2 la mereka x pergi UNIVERSAL STUDIO dlu..
after tis nak g Universal Studio tu gak..heheehe, nak melancong jauh plak pas tueh..
aLong and mereka2 da ajak juga, but ermmmm.. next time je ok sayang2 sue..hehe
- Night At Singapore -
sebenanye bukan ape, the kulim is too bored lah.. nak ajak my mates kua dorg kate x nak lah, xde duet lah..
adoyy! boring tol klu berkawan ngn stdent nie..
student life la sangat!! ahahaha
duet pown xde...! hahaha today mmg rase lonely... tiada ramai d sisi,, mereka2 sume sibok ngn game..
da la kat my room can't access the internet... very rural!
EH! sebenanye nak cite kne tinggal, kelaut plak citernye..hahaha
msty mereka d singapore tu nga gak lonely di sini,
igtkan td want to go penang, watching Maharaja lawak live! tp sume pown say 'malas'
jd, sy pown MALAS NAK LAYANNN!!
hahaha, dah la td membawa diri dgn dinner sowg2..
waiter kat restoren tu plak wat hal, x tw la ade masalah ape ngn dye..hehe
ye la, kat cafe nie ape je yg ado???
tengok mak cik tu pown i muak! mcm da bankkrap je i tengok cafe nieh!
nasib on short sem nieh can go out after 7pm..kalo x, dah lame ku BAKO poly nie..hahaha
EH! lg kelaut plak bercerita..hahaha...
ape2 lah...
kpale otak nga gile nie, lg panjang plak melalut nie..hehehe.. okey lah..
** With my brother, fify and eya comey **


から始まる 六箇月 **


Today Eiz saje je want to update, actually dont have any new gossip or hot story,
but just want to update bout myself,

#1. ArgGgggHHHhhH!! i still dont get the place for practical. totally BENGONG..
blurr2 pown ade gak nieh.,. but, apakan daya.... just need to wait je lah..

#2. last night rase cam nak jadi crazy dah... dont know what to do, if balik umah,
masa tu x sempat nak kejar ape2 pown.. penuh je schedule tueh.

#3. Yesterday i'm watching malay movie.. (*CUN)...ermmm, agak cambodoh gak la...
story about cinta...ermm, anyway, the story tell me how to be more romantic..hehehe

#4. I dont start any proposal lagi..adoyyy.. how to business nie... plan want to meet any lecturer to ask this, but lecturer pown mostly cuti.. then? haaaaa!! so many things nak kne wat nie..

#5. This June i got final exam woooo! walaupun just 2 subject, tp if not seriously in study pown bisa fail juga,.. the subject is Business and Promotion..

#6. Yesss3x... ta taw la knape this june become a best month..hahaha just wait je lah...

this is all for now..hehehe.. i have no idea to write anything here.. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It’s Something About Muic Mohd Noor

(This is My Dreams and Hobbies)

My name is Muhammad Muiz bin Hj Mohd Noor, my commercial name is 
Syah al Muic. 

I am 20, My birthday is 30th October 1991. I was born in Pusrawi,Kuala Lumpur and raised in Port Dickson untill I am 6. Then, I and family moved to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang because my dad work as Petronas Supervisor in KLIA which is supply Airplane Fuel. So, until now I’m here in Sepang. I'm a very honest and friendly person. I enjoy reading interesting books, watching action movies, hanging out with my friends. I like to play on piano, to play big tennis and go to the gym. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to hanging out with my friends now, because 
I sacrificed my free time to learn. I don't care if I have one friend or a thousand, numbers mean nothing.

My father name is Mr. Hj Mohd Noor Bin Hj Bahrin. He’s born on 1st December 1961 at Kuala Lumpur and raised in Kampung Baru KL. He is very humble person and hardworking. I love him very much! I call him ‘abah’. He is a very patience with my attitude from I born until I am 20. Thank you abah for everything. My mother name Mdm. Hjh Hamidah Binti Hj Mohd Nasir. She was raised in pulapol, KL. My mum open kindergarten already more than 10 years in order the kids can read basmallah properly. I’m really proud with her. The kindergarten name is Nur Mutiara Iman. My mum and my dad already go to hajj in 2003 which I’m just 12 on that year.

I had 5 siblings, I’m the number four. My first siblings is Najihah,24, (Diploma in Tourism). She is very concern about me and always help me in study. Now her work as a teacher in my mum kindergarten. She will continue study in Open Malaysia University in end of 2011. The siblings second is Muhaimin,23, (Certificate in Hotel Catering). He is always busy in her job as chef in Golden Lounge KLIA under Pan Pacific Hotel and Resort contract. He loves superbike and love to ride motorcycle. My second sister is Nadirah,21. She is a very sporting sister and always help me in financial and also love to treat me food and beverage. She is funny , loves kids and already married in March 2011. And the last is my younger brother is Mujib,13, (Jisadani Private School). He is very creative person and born in same place with me. His hobby is play electronic game include electric things such as electric current.

My First school is Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang but when I in standard  2, I was change my school to Sekolah Kebangsaan Salak until standard 4. In standard 5 I have change again school to Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Seroja until I'm finish primary school. When I'm in form 1, I start the secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi until I've finished in form 5. But in form 2, I had move out from this school. I continue in Tahfiz At-Tohirah. I’m there only for a 6 month. I take the Malaysian Certificate Education in 2008 and the result is not very good or very bad. And in 2009, I continue study in form 6. But I didn’t finish it because I'd go to continue study to Polytechnic. The Polytechnic is in Kulim, Kedah and the subject that I’m studied is Diploma In Marketing. I need to finish it for a 3 years start from January 2010. This is my third semester here. Now I feel more confident about myself, because I passed all courses that I have been taking and received good grades and try to do my best to keep doing it.

My weight is 53kg and my height is 173cm. It’s not an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) , I need to gain 3kg more to get ideal BMI. But most of my friend said that I’m so skinny. My hair color is black and my eye color is dark brown. My shirt size is M and my shoe size is 43/9/M. Gray, White and Cream is my favorite color.

I have so many favorite cars such as Toyota Alphard, Lexus Harrier, BMW 5 series and mostly luxury car than sports cars. But my dreams car is BMW X6 (metallic silver). I don’t love Malaysian food much, but still take it if I hunger. I much prefer western food or fast food like Pizza , Kenny Rogers Roasters , McDonald’s and etc. My ambition and dreams is become a cabin crew which work in aeroplane with a smart uniform. I love to being steward because I love to travel, trying something new, interacting with people and I love to smile. Anyway, I will become a business man in one day to get all my dream house, cars, wife and etc.

I love to play with kids. They are innocent, that’s why I really love them and I wish that my kids is cute and brilliant. I still remember the kids names Syed Irfan Syahiran (now his age is 8 years) is very cute person that very concern and love me. He call me ‘daddy’ and I always buy for him shirt, toys and etc. While he is 6 (on 2009) , I still treat him like a baby. If I go for holiday, he will crying and ask to follow me. His parents also close with me. And we are always keep in touch until now.

I love to go travel. The place that I go before for holiday is around Malaysia such as Pangkor Island, Langkawi Island and etc but not include Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia life is full of tradition. Then, Around Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Brastangi. Indonesia is a crowded in their city and peaceful in their village. Some of Indonesia girls is gorgeous. The best trip that I ever go are at Singapore. I take it as the best holiday is because in Singapore got so many luxury cars and big house. There is a small and systematic city. The public transport is also easy to find and comfortable. I’m very impress to see Esplanade, Marina Sand Bay and Sentosa Island. I wish that I will go around Europe with my family and go to Hajj with them.

My inspiration person in my life is Dato Dr Sheikh Muszafar Shukor. He is a first Malaysian astronaut. He’s very humble and smart person. He get a ‘dato’ title in young age and all the Malaysia citizen is proud with achievement that he do. He can show to the world that Malaysia is also can do the things that standing in the world. In his wedding with Dr Harlina, all the importance person attend it include most the ministry of Malaysia and the Malaysia sultan’s. On that time, all the magazine put his photo as a front page.

My favorite local Actress is Scha Alyahya. I like her because she is beautiful and gorgeous. Every drama and film that she perform is show that she very talent in every character. The drama that she played that I love is ‘Awan Dania’ and the best film that she acting is ‘KL drift ΙΙ’ Now she already have couple. The guy is Awal Ashari. Her couple also an actors in Malaysian. And my favorite local singer is ‘the voice of asian’ , Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Her voice is powerful and every her song is meaningful. The male local singer that I like is Anuar Zain. His voice is very exclusive and masculine. I love his songs titled ‘Sedetik Lebih’ .

The international singer that I love is Taylor Swift. I love to hear all of her songs like love story, today was a fairy tale, mean, speak now, mine, you belong with me, burn it, fifteen and much more. Every video clip for her songs also nice to see. I hope that I can go to her concert one time. The male international singer that I love is Maher Zain. He is a muslim famous singer in the world. Insha-Allah is the first songs that was boom in music industry. All the Maher Zain songs is peaceful and can make mind relex.
Okay. This is a littlest about Muic Mohd Noor a.k.a Syah Almuic. Thanks For Read It <3
If you want to get more story about Muic or want to read all the new about Muic just click to ::                      (Muic Blog)!/Syahalmuic               (Muic Twitter)

( This Is Person and People thats are inspired)


Holla Universe ! <3
totally pressure owh looking for the practical place nie..
dulu i thought this is simple jew, then now??!
hahahaha...just gelak jelah..
nasib ade someone help me too for looking it..
so terharu suddenly ada yg baik hati to menolong...
feel like want to post postpone pown ade gak nieh...
sakit pinggang mencarik nie haa.,
if berfacebook x sakit plak..adoyyyy!
nie actually bkn I yg wat last minute nye kerja,
but tw je lah that LIFE IS ALWAYS REJECTION!..
dah la now kat kulim, lg ssh nak berurusan...
okay lah, nak mengadu ini je dlu..
anyway! thanks to those who helping me actually

Thousands Muic Smiles

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